Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Welcome to the Kitchen!

After I got out of college, I started a blog. I fell out of the habit of writing, but have sorely missed it. I've picked up new hobbies, learned new things about myself, and still aim to discover more about myself every day.

Which leads me to the here and now. My mission is to start a new blog. A blog about food and my life. I love to cook and am on a mission to find new recipes to whip up. I tend to get stuck in ruts and make the same dish over and over and over. So I am going to try and make a slew of different recipes and will love to share them with you. All from my teeny-tiny kitchen.

My kitchen, at first glance, looks like a nice-sized kitchen. However, my house was built in the early 50's and is in serious need of an update. Sure it has modern appliances but space, it does not. Also, it only has one plug in, which is by my fridge. I only have one counter that I can work with, so making elaborate dishes prove to be a challenge, but that's a challenge I'm not willing to back down from.

For a point of reference, here's an old picture of my kitchen. Please take note that this was right after I moved in, so it's a lot messier now!

See the counter by my fridge? That's the only space I have to work. That's it. Someday, when my house is clean(er), I'll take more pictures of what it looks like now.

I hope you enjoy and check back often to see what's going on in my Teeny-Tiny Kitchen!! Thank you for allowing me to share my culinary adventures with you!


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