Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lasagna Soup

Confession time.

Are you ready?

Sitting down?

I don't like soup.

There, I said it. Shocking, I know since I've posted a couple of soups and here I go again, bringing you another soup recipe. Soup has just never called out to me and said "eat me." I'd much rather eat other things that aren't healthy for me.

Every once and a while, it gets cold outside and soup is just the right thing to have for dinner. Brian got burned out on taco soup, so I had to switch it up. We liked this soup, but next time, I'll add more noodles because we all know I love pasta. :)

Lasagna Soup
Adapted from Tara Cooks as seen on Tasty Kitchen

1 pound lean ground beef
2 cans beef broth
28 ounces, weight Diced Tomatoes With Basil And Oregano
1 teaspoon Salt
1/2 teaspoons Ground Black Pepper
1 cup Uncooked Spiral Noodles
1 cup Fresh Grated Parmesan Cheese

Cook the 1 cup of spiral noodles until a few minutes before recommended on the package. (It will continue to cook in the soup, and you don't want mushy noodles.)

While noodles are cooking, brown the pound of ground beef and drain any fat. Add the beef broth, canned tomatoes, salt, and pepper to the ground beef. Let simmer for about 20 minutes. Add the cooked spiral noodles about 5 minutes prior to serving.

Garnish soup with fresh grated Parmesan cheese and serve with fresh toasted bread.

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