Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fresh Start

Since I've somewhat fallen off the blogging bandwagon, I'm determined to slowly crawl my way back on.

My schedule and Brian's schedule has totally switched up lately, so I have not cooked much at all in MONTHS. Months, I tell you. Honestly, since I got really sick in April, I have not touched a cookbook or cooked many new recipes at all.

I do miss blogging and I miss cooking desperately. However, I still want to blog even if I'm not providing recipes every time. Don't worry, I know you mainly come here for food, which I can't blame you on that. Even if I'm not going to blog about food every single day, I'm still going to try and blog my thoughts, happenings and random ideas that come into my head.

So here's what has been happening the past few months:

  • I've signed up for a 5K! It's next week and I'm scared to death! I am not a runner by any means, so this is a big thing for me. I used to tell Brian "Why run when you can walk fast?"

  • We have a nephew!!!! Brian's sister, Valerie, gave birth a week ago to James Kenneth! He was born on September 15, 2010 and we could not be happier. I can't wait to meet him!

With the coming of fall tonight, I will be baking a lot more fall related items. :) I LOVE fall!

Question for today:
Like this new format? Should I change my blog name?


Kristan said...

Hey Girlie!!

I'm coming from the comment you left on my blog...what town do you live in?

I'm Ozark.

--Kristan :)

jen said...

i love your name!!! you can't change it. it's too cute.

ty said...

I like the name .. don't change. But damn you, start cooking again. I need new ideas, and I'm getting tired of T-Bell.

I'll let you cook for me ...

*Jen* said...

Welcome back to the blog world!
(I'm in FS, too, and follow you on Twitter.)

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