Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5: Places I Hope I Go This Year

Oopsie about Day #4. The topic was Best Leftover Recipe, and I really don't eat leftovers too often so I kind of had a mental block about it.

Today's topic is the places that I hope to travel to this year.

Numero uno on that list for both Brian and I would be Seattle, Washington. He's absolutely in love with the city and I am too. He's been dying to go back there since I've known him, so it would be awesome if we got to go back together.

Ahh, St. Maarten. This would be a dream honeymoon location. Brian could watch planes and I could lay on the beach. No, we're not engaged. Just some wishful thinking. :) haha


Random, but my Pandora station today is pretty much kicking a$$. If you like Glee, Broadway music, Disney soundtracks, and pop songs, you'll dig it. Want to listen to it? Go here.


Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

I would love to travel to Seattle as well. It is such a beautiful and unique city! :) Just found your page through the link-up... hoping to learn a few things about cooking from you ;)

Anonymous said...

Seattle is gorgeous!! You'll have so much fun :)

The Hills said...

Found you through the link-up. We had a chance to spend one day in Seattle last summer, would love to make it back out there for a longer trip!

Kit said...

I would love to go to Seattle too!

Laura said...

That sounds like the Pandora station I always listen to! I knew there was a good reason we were friends!

Jessica said...

I've never been to Seattle, but at this point with snow not seeming to want to leave our place I would settle for the beach!! LOL

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Kristy said...

For you!

Kristina said...

I so love Seattle, too! I've been waiting the chance to go back when I can spend more time...take in the city..
Kristina J.

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