Thursday, August 13, 2009


My Chirp sets have arrived!!!!!

When I arrived home Tuesday afternoon, I had a big box on my doorstep. I could not figure out what I ordered, but then it hit me. It was my dishes that I won from Pioneer Woman. It was like Christmas!

Brian's still not a fan, but they'll eventually win him over. I'm sure of it!

How could he not?? Look at these bowls!

And this mug? Ah! Gorgeous!!

I still can't believe I actually have them in my home, let alone the fact that I now have six sets of them!

Now for the next set of business this fine morning. What are some recipes you would like for me to try and would like for me to feature? I'm always in search of ideas and new recipes, I just get stuck in the pasta route. (Please don't think you can't suggest pasta. We LOVE pasta!) Plus I'd love to hear from you! :)


Emily said...

Congratulations!!! They are SO cute! :) Jon and I have a new fave beef zuccini pasta recipe... we'll have to send it your way to try!

WhyHiTy said...

i tried the baked chicken and pastini, but i think i put in too much basil :( DAMN! if you can find something to disguise vegetables, that would be great. patrick's like a kid sometimes.

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