Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 3: Most Meaningful/Best Gift You've Ever Received

This one is a toughy for me. My parents are the greatest when it comes to Christmas. One Christmas that leaps out at me was when I was 15 (I think) and I got my first car and tickets to a certain boy-band concert, who shall remain nameless but starts with an N. :) My best-friend also got tickets to the same concert but she was sworn to secrecy until I called her to scream. My poor brother endured a lot of teenage-girl screaming that Christmas.

Two years ago, on Christmas morning at 1:30am to be exact, I was given the gift of life. No, I didn't have a baby. Brian and I were leaving his dad's house and I was following him in my new car (that I had for six weeks) when a drunk driver ran a red light and drove through the front of my car. Had I been an inch closer to Brian's car, they would have driven through me.

(My car is the black one.)

Sorry for being a Debbie Downer this morning, but I was (and still am) very thankful to be around those that love me at the holidays.

Last year, Brian gave me an awesome gift - my Kitchenaid Mixer.

I'm excited to see what Santa brings this year. As I grow up, I even more excited to see people's reactions to what is given to them.

Have a GREAT Thanksgiving! Safe travels if you are traveling to see family!! Enjoy those pat-downs at the airport, haha. :)


Kit said...

Life is the most precious gift! I am so happy that you were ok!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

ty said...

How did I not know about this??

Shannon said...

I love my kitchen aid mixer too! What an amazing survival story! Guess someone else was riding along with you that morning!
Just found you through my friend Aly's blog. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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