Tuesday, November 23, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Days 1 & 2

Since I totally fail at keeping this blog updated these days, I've decided to join in on the fun with the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge. Maybe this will help get me back into the habit. :) Maybe.

I'm trying here, folks.

So, here are the topics:

Day 1: Christmas/Holiday traditions
Day 2: Black Friday/General Shopping Tips & Tricks
Day 3: Most meaningful gift/best gift you've received
Day 4: Tips/Tricks to a Budget Friendly holiday season
Day 5: Favorite Holiday Movie/TV Show Special
Day 6: Gift ideas (what do YOU want? We all have family/friends reading our blogs...so let them know!)
Day 7: Holiday Craft/DIY (If you don't make anything, what do you WISH you could make?)
Day 8: Least favorite thing about the Holidays
Day 9: Favorite Holiday recipe
Day 10: Favorite Christmas Songs/Caroles
Day 11: New Year Resolutions
Day 12: Show us your decorations (indoor/outdoor)
Day 13: Favorite Cookie Recipe
Day 14: Oprah's Favorite Things: What item(s) would you want if you were in the audience?

Day 1 was yesterday, so I'll briefly discuss our traditions. For as long as I can remember, we've gone to a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.


When I was little, I was holding my candle, minding my own business, singing Silent Night, and looking at the old lady with purple hair (no lie, she really had purple hair) when candle wax fell on my hand and burned me. For YEARS, I would not hold the candle and force my mom to hold mine. I honestly think I was in high school when I finally held my own candle. Even now, I hold it very still and watch it the entire time.

In summary, I'm a wuss.

Moving on.

Day 2: Black Friday/General Shopping Tips & Tricks

I think I'm alone in stating this, but the idea of getting up at 3am when it's 20 degrees outside sounds totally dreadful. I'm not a morning person, nor do I like the cold. Surely this will all change if the Lord blesses me with children, but for now, I'm more of a Cyber Monday kind of gal.

Amazon.com is my best friend during Christmas.

Why deal with this:

When you can be in your pj's or work clothes for that matter and shop to your heart's content.

Also, I try to make a list of what I'm buying for people so that I make sure to get an even amount for everyone. I'm all about fairness people.


ty said...

Is that IC or CTK? Keep up the blog, dude, it's too cute not to.

Page said...

Actually that's a random picture, haha. We go to First Methodist usually, even though we're Baptist. Shh. :)

Thanks about the blog. I'm trying!

Melissa Jo said...

I couldn't agree with you more, I'm not a black friday fan either!

Kit said...

I am not a big Black Friday fan either! I love your blog! I too love to cook! I am your newest follower!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Well I for one am WAY excited to see what kind of recipes you have brewing for us on days 9 and 13!! :)

Adorable blog!!! Thanks for joining in on the blog hop!

Black Friday isn't usually for me. But if I can get a few gifts knocked out by 6am and then BACK in bed, sign me up!

Molly said...

I'm all about black friday shopping, but I definitely don't blame people for not being all about it!

Thanks for linking up! Can't wait to see your recipes for the upcoming food posts.

Courtney said...

I always go to a candlelight service on Christmas Eve too! It is always so beautiful.

Your blog is super cute, I am your newest follower!

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